The ICAVS conference aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their unique experience and exchange cutting-edge knowledge in all fields of vibrational spectroscopy. Now more than ever research community requires collaboration and innovation to explore new aspects and emerging ideas allowing for expanding the current state of the art.

The conference will offer six stimulating days of in-depth discussions on 10 various topics related to vibration spectroscopy and remains dedicated to a broad range of attendees starting from leading experts to researchers at an early stage of their career and graduate students from around the world.

The ICAVS is an excellent opportunity to share the latest research results, spread new ideas and developments as well as applications in the field of vibrational spectroscopy. The scientific program includes key perspective, plenary and invited lectures as well as poster sessions. The event also provides many opportunities for informal conversations to sustain and broaden international cooperation.

We are very pleased to meet you all at the ICAVS 12, a great place to grow, stimulate academic development and broaden horizons of the application of vibrational spectroscopy in science.



 (A) advanced characterization of organic, inorganic, hybrid, and low-dimensional materials

 (B) structure and dynamics of molecules

 (C) spectroscopy in local fields

 (D) vibrational spectroscopy of surfaces and interfaces

 (E) nonlinear vibrational spectroscopies

 (F) advances in instrumentation

 (G) analytical applications to forensics, PAT, works of art, and  similar

 (H) biodiagnostic spectroscopy

 (I) chemometrics and machine learning

 (J) computational approaches